Welcome to The World.

Everywhere around you, people go about their day-to-day lives. People go to school, go to work, spend time with their friends and family. It is the world you know, and it is one you know well. There’s just one problem:

The world you know is not real.

You can feel it, gnawing at you, nagging at the back of your mind. It’s a little feeling, but it nags at you just the same. You begin to wonder if there is something you’re missing; if there’s some part of the world around you that just escapes your grasp.

Once the Veil of ignorance is pulled back, you would be surprised at what you see. On the other side, there is an entire world just waiting to be discovered. It is a world of wonder and intrigue, where the beings of myth and fantasy walk alongside the common man. It is a world where spirit detectives track down criminals whose crimes defy ordinary police. It is a world where ancient powers, both good and evil, still stir and work behind the scenes. All of this escapes the gaze of the common man.

But you are special.

You know better, don’t you? You know that there’s something you’re missing.

Just beyond your sight is a world filled with mystery and intrigue, with charm and mischief, with triumph and tragedy both. If you find the strength to lift the Veil of ignorance that blinds you, you’d be surprised at what you discover. Behold, the things the ignorant mind protects you from…

Be careful, though. The Truth might set you free, but you won’t always like what you find. Once you’ve taken that step, once you see the other side, you’ll truly understand: ignorance is bliss.

But it’s too late to turn back. You know better by now.

You’ve been living your life in a daydream.

It’s time to wake up.

Do you seek the Truth?

Do you wish to open your eyes?

Then join us in the journey, leave your mark upon the page, and search for the true you.


A word from the Author.

The world of Infinity is a place I hold very dear to my heart. I’ve worked on it for many years alongside many different people. It is a story that has gone through many ups and downs, and its many players have come and gone in the telling. This world, which once started as nothing more than a thinly-veiled Persona 3 roleplay, has quickly taken on a life of its own. This world is no longer the creation of a single, idle mind. Perhaps it never was. It was only through the collective efforts of many different writers, players, and influences, both fictional and non-fictional, that this mythos could be created.

It was through Infinity I was able to breathe new life into the old myths, to create a world of magic and fantasy lurking beneath a mundane surface. Through Infinity, I explore the concepts of fate and free will, of blissful ignorance and the search for the truth.

If you’re new to the World, visit our wiki here to take a look around and get started. If you’re eager to jump into the action, click on the “Characters” tab and get situated with your own fictional persona, and meet those of your fellow players. Our forum is coming soon, and our wiki is still under construction, so please bear with us; after all The World is growing every day.

This story doesn’t just belong to me. It belongs to everyone. Infinity is a story, not just about individuals, but about ideas. The World is alive, filled with fantastic creatures you can only imagine. Yet these creatures, as strange and mythical as they might seem, have stories too. They laugh, they cry, they struggle and triumph right alongside us. In this story, you will see endings, and you will see new beginnings. You will see people, and nations, rise and fall. You will see people break free from the prison of ignorance, and chase that ethereal grain of Truth. And as you become a part of this World and start learning its secrets, you will find that, maybe, the story is never meant to end. Maybe it was never about endings, or beginnings, but the journey itself- for the journey is the one that will last forever.

Welcome to the World. It’s an honor to have you in it.

We all have our stories to tell. I can’t wait to hear yours.

- Nathan / Mystic


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