The Apostle


Female Construct
Rank: S – Firstborn
Class: Apostle
Weapon Skills: None
Magic Types: Divine
Location: The Sky Sanctuary —> The Astral Cathedral
Affiliation: The Firstborn, The Elder Magi


Within the Cathedral’s hallowed halls, there is a girl who never strays from its altar. She looks little more than a child, but she carries herself with the grace and dignity of an ageless goddess. She is robed in exquisite white, red, and gold, her auburn hair a blazing crown of brilliant light. When she speaks, it is with the gentle, dulcet tones of a caring sister, but there are times when her eyes begin to glow and she suddenly speaks with the Voice of the Infinite.

She is Aurelia, the Apostle, Voice of the Eight. She is the middle sibling of the three Firstborn, and her duties run parallel with theirs. Pharos’ domain is that of seeking knowledge, and Chapel’s is that of preserving it. Aurelia acts upon it, relaying the will of the Eight to the Sanctuary’s Agents and moving to avert disaster.

Aurelia holds power and authority, but there is a hollowness there. She is a construct, a magical being created for a specific purpose and “programmed” with a personality. She excels at her given purpose, a beacon of hope, and a messenger from the divine; but in her waking hours, there is a soft, quiet sadness lurking beneath the surface. Though she is older than the gods, she is still a child at heart, innocent, curious, longing to discover what lies beyond the walls of the Cathedral. Very few see this side of her, however, for she must maintain the image of composure and strength. Her work, her purpose, must come first. She knows no other way.


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