Updates 6/19/12
Lots of updates today.

- Made Sector IV – The Holy Knights’ faction page
- Made Heaven’s Gate location page
- Made Free Houses planar page
- Created overall Planes page
- Made new series The World including the Journey, Plane, Race, and Faction pages
- Created overall Journey page


- Finish the faction pages for The Red Kingdom and Monolith Labs
- Work on the “walkthroughs” for each Plane, filling out location sub-pages
- Keep filling up the IPD Catalog
- Look for page pictures. Seriously. This place needs some more color!
- Get some beta readers to go through the site and work out any kinks in the navigation system, rearrange menus and links, etc.

The World is always growing. It’s tough to get it all down on paper. XD

’Til next time!

- Mystic

Updates 6/15/12

- Split The Sky Sanctuary into location and faction pages
- Made The Sanctuary Order as a distinct faction page
- Updated The Elder Magi
- Created Sector VI – The Company faction page

Updates 6/9/12
Main page overhaul!

Lots of big changes after a long hiatus in updates. Some people were starting to worry that I had forgotten about this site, but it’s good to be back. What I did today:

  • Main page overhaul – Re-organized everything on the main page of the wiki so it looks a little less like just a bunch of hyperlinks. Added summaries below each sub-page so you’re not going in blind.
  • Updated The Old Gods
  • Created Factions heading on the bottom of the main page
  • Created PSICOM Faction page
  • Created IPD Catalog page
  • Updated IPD Catalog with the Terminal, Stinger, Scorpion, and Dragonfly
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