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One of the many Races which inhabit the World, the Angels are poised, beautiful, and wise, winged creatures who inspire both hope and fear. Theirs is the Gift of Order, giving them the strength and longevity to last eternally, but making it very difficult for them to adapt to change. Angels are creatures of Law, a society created around responsibility, dignity, and formality. At their worst, they are fanatic, overzealous crusaders. At their best, they are heroes, champions of the weak and paragons of virtue. Their home plane is the realm of Heaven. The more personable Lesser Angels, particularly The Knights of the Holy Order, have Heaven’s Gate as their base of operations. The distant and detached High Angels reside in the inner sanctums of The Silver City, and rarely, if ever, interact with those not of their kin.

Angels take the appearance of winged humanoids, often adorned with crests or halos denoting rank and status. The colors of their feathers are also signs of status. Normal angels have white feathers; angels who spend much of their time on Earth have feathers of ashen gray. High Angels, who spend the majority of their time on their home plane, can have wings of gold, crystal, or even radiant fire. Those who have Fallen, however, the disgraced and the exiled, have their wings stained black with soot.


Every Angel is gifted in the working of divine power. Their disciplines vary; some are skilled in the eradication of corrupt beings, while others are capable of miraculous healing power. While Demons are blessed with tremendous physical strength, Angels’ skills are with words. A single word of guidance or blessing can turn the tide of entire histories, with a few words of encouragement helping a budding champion become a hero. This gift with words survives even when an Angel falls from grace, owing to the Fallen’s mastery of manipulation through sheer force of will.

The Change

Angels are heavily bound by tradition and purity. Many Angels, especially High Angels, would prefer to remain behind the walls of the Silver City where they can bask in the divine presence and worship in peace. Many others, however, walk freely upon the Earth. The Angels who mingle on Earth grow more compassionate through their experiences, though their sympathy with the other Races is frowned upon by High Angels. Prior to The Sundering, Angels were more free to wander Earth or to remain in Heaven; following that great cataclysm, a schism arose in Angelic society. The Order of the Holy Knights began the militarization of the Angels, taking it upon themselves to impose order upon a society that clearly needed their guidance. The High Angels, however, saw fit to remain in the Silver City, far above the world and its troubles, not staining their hands with their involvement in mortal matters. This rift only grew over time, and fewer and fewer Angels could walk the path between, pressured to choose one or the other. Each one, however, held their own perception of Law; whether it is their duty to impose it, or to find order within themselves.

In Human Society

Angels can conceal their wings when not in use. Potentials can spot Angels by how they never let their feet touch the ground, always being sure to float just above. Fallen, however, are forced to walk the earth, being symbolically tainted by their descent to the lower planes. Particularly powerful Angels also exude a faint glow, their radiance too powerful to be fully concealed. Civilian Angels, those who are not part of the Holy Knights, gravitate to places where they can take charge in acts of goodwill, often founding and managing orphanages, charities, and working in medical fields. Fallen, however, tend to be loners, some bearing their disgrace with more dignity than others. Some accept this life of freedom at the price of isolation, but others let spite and resentment linger in their hearts, lashing out at the people who cast them aside with schemes and slander.

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