“To an enlightened mind, all things become possible.”Pharos, The Prophet

Strictly speaking, Ascended are those who have found the Truth and transcended their physical bodies. Their souls have been liberated from the physical world. Their spirits are free.

However, the term “Ascended” can also refer to any being who has risen greatly in power, such as a mortal becoming a demigod, or becoming an Avatar of the Eight.

Those who have truly Ascended have seen past the narrow perspectives that dominate our lives. They have found the Truth; they have found wisdom in all of its forms. For while we walk this Earth, we can only ever see a single facet, a single aspect of the World around us. We are limited in our understanding. Those who seek the Truth, however, understand that the World is far too great and grand for just one perspective; instead of seeing only one facet of life, they are the ones who grasp the diamond.

We are bound to a reincarnation cycle, a wheel of death of rebirth that spins without end. It is both our destiny and our doom to repeat our lives, learning from our mistakes, trying and trying again until we finally get it right. It is the ultimate goal of all sentient creatures to Ascend. This is what is meant by “do you seek the Truth?”; The Truth is everywhere, and it wants to be found, but in order to do so you must first look beyond yourself and see the World around you. The Truth is waiting to be found, if you are only willing to look and learn. Then, at last, you break free of the World and its troubles, and become one with the Universe.

The chains of this world can no longer keep you.

Your soul has transcended the flesh.

You are free.

The Journey: Blind —> Potential —> Awakened —> Ascended


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