Awaken your true self.

Humanity was punished for their pride and arrogance by having their wisdom stripped away. It became clear to The Eight the danger of too many enlightened minds going unchecked. As the Sundering passed, the Potential became far more selective, very few seeing past the Veil of ignorance and Awakening their true selves.

The Veil wrapped the souls of man in its embrace, and hid from them the Truth; it Blinded them not only to the World around them, but to the greatness they themselves held. Once the Potential takes root in one’s soul, however, it eventually blossoms- and as they open their eyes anew, a forgotten legacy is now remembered.

For this is the goal of all of Mankind. This is humanity’s redemption, rediscovering the mysteries of the World and once again taking their place among their peers. The goal of Mankind is to Awaken to their true selves- the ones that have lain stagnant and stifled within the Veil.

The journey doesn’t end there, however. The journey has only begun.

For once you have Awakened to the world around you, now the search for the Truth can begin.

You’ve taken a step forward, yes, but it is only the first step. True Enlightenment is still beyond your reach, but if you persevere, you will find it. Though it may take many lifetimes, one day you will find the Truth. It is the ultimate goal of all sentient creatures to break free of the cycle of death and rebirth.

With time, and truth, you will Ascend.

The Journey: Blind —> Potential —> Awakened —> Ascended


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