A Construct is one of the many Races which inhabit the World. They are beings shaped through magic, similar to Golems, though the power that binds them is much, much more powerful. A Construct, unlike the crude structure of Golems, can be shaped so expertly as to be indistinguishable from any other humanoid race. They are marked by their gift of Purpose, excelling at their given duty but faltering elsewhere.

Constructs cannot reproduce, and exist outside of the reincarnation cycle. They can only be created through the magic of another being. In The Mythic Era, the knowledge of how to create Constructs was already quite rare, as it required a magical expertise that only true Masters could aspire to. In modern times, however, that kind of skill has diminished almost entirely, becoming the sole domain of Merlin and The Eight.

The Gift of Purpose is a blessing and a curse. This Gift allows Constructs to do things beyond the scope of the other Races; it is these Purposes that make each one unique, for they alone define a Construct’s existence. However, this single-minded devotion to duty forces them to leave certain aspects by the wayside. As a result, many Constructs are humorless and devoid of emotion, for such things were not included in their programming and are mere distractions from their duty.

Notable Constructs include:

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