One of the many Races which inhabit the World, the Demons are strong, scrappy, boisterous fighters who demand the very best in life. Theirs is the Gift of Chaos, being able to adapt and survive in nearly any situation, though this often results in a very jaded outlook. Because of their contrary, confrontational nature, many Demons lead short, violent lives, but ones filled with reckless excitement and explosive passion. Demons’ home plane is Hell, scraping an existence from the walls of The Burning Valley. The scorched wastelands are a brutal, punishing environment, but surviving in these conditions is a badge of honor for the Demons, and wear it with a sense of pride.

Many, however, are discontent with their living conditions, and so escape their home plane into ours. Unlike the Angels, the vast majority of which are content to live in their home plane in isolation, the Demons flock to Reality in droves. It is because of this that an inordinate number of Demons live among Humans, having crossed over into Reality by legal means or not.


There are many different strains of Demon, each Archdevil establishing a different bloodline with different traits. Some strains of Demon have gnarled horns, others have leathery wings, other have scales or ragged fur. They are not only marked by physical differences, either; different Houses are known for their brute strength, others for their cunning, or for certain supernatural abilities unique to particular Houses, such as the ability to shapeshift. This conflict amongst the Archdevils is what has resulted in a near-perpetual civil war in Hell, adding to the desire of its inhabitants to escape into Reality.

The Change

Prior to The Sundering, all Demons were sentient and, though born with monstrous forms, gained the ability to naturally change shape. Their society was tough, but fair, built around strength. Only the strong survive, and those with power should take it. As the effects of the cataclysm rippled across The World, many Demons lost their ability to shapeshift. Trapped in their monstrous forms, they grew feral and wild, giving rise to generations of fearsome, animalistic demons. The introduction of these ravenous beasts into Hell’s environment began to stir the discontent of the population, beginning the mass exodus of Demons into Reality in order to escape their troubles and live life freely.

In Human Society

Demons are risk-takers and thrill-seekers by nature. In human society, they gravitate towards games of chance, extreme sports, and the club scene. They are renowned for their skill at sleight of hand, and their forceful personalities; those who don’t resort to base intimidation often get by with charisma and a silver tongue. Demons very easily pass for Humans to the untrained eye, being very skilled at adapting and blending into their society, even gaining some skill with human technology. One telling trait a Potential can look for, however, is body heat; Demons have a radiant inner fire that keeps them warm to the touch.

Human demon

Notable Demons include:


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