There are many organizations at work in the World. Some seek to defend it, some seek to rule it, and others are only looking to make a profit. Even the groups who are ostensibly on the same side can come into conflict, butting heads over jurisdiction and getting buried in paperwork and red tape. This page is an overview of the main factions in Infinity. Some of them are only active on Earth; others have far-reaching work all across the many planes of existence.

You can visit each group’s main page to learn about them in more detail. For now, though, here’s a quick run-down:

The Sky Sanctuary

The influence of the Sky Sanctuary can be felt far and wide. Their operatives are divided into different Sectors, each with a specific focus and skillset. Among their subdivisions are:

  • Sector IV, The Holy Knights, a crisis response team called in for the most dangerous of threats. They are the Sanctuary’s primary military force.
  • Sector VI, Ghost Operations, a group of spies and assassins who receive special training for stealth and infiltration. They are the Sanctuary’s special operatives.
  • Sector VIII, a group meant for investigation, intervention, and general response. Sector VIII is one of the Sanctuary’s many general investigation divisions. As they are primarily assigned to Earth, however, they’re the ones you’ll be seeing the most often.
Earth Factions

The Sanctuary’s work takes them all over the Universe, so a Sanctuary Agent on Earth is just a glimpse of a much, much larger organization. This is not to say there aren’t plenty of agencies and organizations at work on Earth. Here’s a look at the big ones:

  • PSICOM, an international paranormal investigation group that was founded in response to a greater level of Potential in humanity overall. They are a relatively young organization, and have struggled to get off the ground, but their mere existence is a good sign for Earth’s journey to Awakening. For this reason, the Sanctuary has pledged their support, allowing PSICOM to work closely in concert with Sectors VI and VIII.
  • The Company, a guild of thieves and assassins that works as a branch of the Sanctuary’s Sector VI. Though on the surface it appears to be a band of petty criminals, The Company is actually the Sanctuary’s way of monitoring the criminal underworld for supernatural influences, and many of The Company’s senior members are really Sanctuary Ghosts.
  • The Red Kingdom, a notorious gang that is very swiftly rising in prominence. Due to their high supernatural population and access to military-grade weaponry, they are a huge threat. Their chaotic, destabilizing nature has drawn the ire of both PSICOM and Sector VIII.
  • Monolith Labs, a technological giant that all-but dominates the market on Earth. From cars, to computers, Monolith Labs does it all. There are dark rumors surrounding the organization, however, and some suspect that Monolith is simply using its products to fund darker projects in secret…

And, of course, there’s always the option of striking it out on your own. You could become a freelance hunter, unaffiliated with any of the established organizations, or you could go on a darker path and become a supernatural criminal yourself. Or, you could just try to live a normal life on your own.

Once you’ve Awakened, however, living a “normal” life becomes more and more difficult. Will you join the ranks of PSICOM, Spirit Police? Will you be lured in by The Red King’s promises of wealth and power? Will you lend your arcane knowledge to the work of Monolith Labs?

Or will your path lead you away from Earth completely, to the Sanctuary at the Crossroads of the World?

The choice, ultimately, is up to you.

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