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One of the many Races which inhabit the world, the Fae are creatures of elegance and whimsy, inspiring and terrifying in equal measure. Theirs is the Gift of Dreams, blessing them with creative energy and allowing them to bestow it upon others. The Fae run the gamut of extremes of emotion, some delirious with joy and carefree delight, others vain and obsessed with beauty, some immersed in the arts, others caught in a tangled web of supernatural politics.


Fae are slender and willowy in appearance, as if they could be shaped by smoke itself. They take after their home plane of The Dreaming, a place of haze and colored lights, the mirror-realm to Reality. Fae have pale skin and iridescent silver hair, colors shifting and shimmering in the light as they move. Fae are also known for their beautiful wings, crystalline structures of solid light that emerge from their backs like prismatic butterfly wings. Fae are natural illusionists and shapeshifters, having a humanoid form for their everyday use and a smaller form for quick travel; this smaller form is as a silhouette in a ball of light, easily confused for a firefly, or a shooting star.

Elves and Pixies

Fae are split into two very distinct groups: Elves and Pixies. The Elves are tall and stately, beautiful and vain politicians and manipulators. The Elves rule the Faerie world, deciding the norms and defining the culture. Life in Fae society is very much ruled by status and reputation. Fae society is defined by lies; like the glamours they use to veil themselves in false beauty, each Faerie meticulously crafts an outward image of themselves. The vanity of these people- and the fragility of such false beauty- shapes their personalities: vain, smug, and obsessed with propriety, manners, and social status.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, are the Pixies, who are more free to mingle in human society and shed themselves of the chains of Fae politics. In stark contrast to the superior, manipulative Elves, Pixies just want to have fun, and perhaps partake in some harmless mischief.

In Human Society

The Fae’s otherworldly nature makes it difficult for them to blend into human society, particularly due to the Elves’ distaste for associating with “lesser” beings. The sharp-eyed Potential can watch for these traits: all Fae are very slender. The taller Elves move very gracefully, seemingly gliding instead of walking. The smaller Pixies are very slim, short in stature, and are very light on their feet. Their shared trait is that creative energies prosper in their wake. The difference being, while Elves hoard these energies and cite them as what makes them superior to the other races, the Pixies share this energy freely. It is from the ranks of the Pixies that we have the Muses, Pixies who create very strong, personal bonds with the artists and poets they inspire.


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