The Celestial Plane, The Shining Kingdom

Heaven edit

A far realm of light, wind, and water, where crystalline spires reach into the sky. Heaven is the home plane of the Angels, a place of brilliance and boundless beauty that soars in the skies over Reality. It is known formally as The Celestial Plane, and casually referred to as Heaven. The Lesser Angels reside in the outskirts of the city, the dignitaries and messengers between Heaven and Reality- essentially the suburbs for the Angels who commute to work. The outer edge of the city is warmer and closer to Earth, gilded buildings afloat on clouds of gold and bronze. The center of the realm lies at the peak of a mountain, one that rises out of the skies and into a sky of stars and sparkling silver lights. The heart of the city is a great mountain peak that rises into a field of stars, the capital city filled with spires of gleaming silver.

Places of Note in Heaven:

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