The Infernal Plane, Land of the Warring Kings

Hell edit

A realm of shadow, flame and stone, where jagged obsidian mountains loom over valleys ablaze with fire. Known to scholars as The Infernal Plane, and to all others as simply Hell, this plane is the home plane of the Demons and lurks in the depths below Reality. The sky tinted crimson by a perpetual dusk, one’s journey into Hell begins with the crossing of the river Styx, safeguarded by Charon, the boatman. From there, the lands of Hell all lead in a downward spiral, culminating in the massive obsidian fortress on the edge of the abyss. Archdevils form clans that are in constant competition, fighting over land, resources, or even just for sport. The spires of The Black Palace loom over the scorched lands, keeping a watchful eye over the squabbles of the clans and on the other, more ancient evils that slumber in the deep.

Places of Note in Hell:

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