The last and youngest of the Races created by the Eight at the dawning of the world, and those gifted with the greatest potential. Humanity is the jack of all trades among the races, adept at pretty much anything they set their hands and minds to. Theirs was the Gift of Invention, using tools and technology to compensate for their physical weaknesses. They lack many of the natural abilities of the other Races, such as flight, strength, or arcane power. This, however, they make up for with the rapid progression of technology, a Gift that is theirs alone. While the other Races’ technologies have remained in stasis, Humans alone are the inventors and innovators, the only ones who recognize- or even comprehend- that just because something works well, doesn’t mean it can’t work better. Humanity’s home plane is Reality, twin and mirror to The Dreaming, the shadow-world of the Fae.

The Change

Humans are the shortest-lived of the Races, save for Demons, whose reckless, violent lifestyles often have them dead before their time despite their natural immortality. Because their lives are so brief, Humans have an innate desire to leave their mark on their world, to make a difference, to be remembered. They have an insatiable thirst for power and prestige, fueled by the fear of their own mortality. It was this desperation, this obsession with “making history”, that began the war of The Sundering and led with Humanity’s great cataclysm.

As punishment for their arrogance, the Veil was created to shroud the souls of Man in ignorance and apathy. Their nations crumbled, their technologies shattered or cast into obscurity, Humanity had to rebuild from the ground up. And, in time, they were able to do so- but at great cost.

The vast majority of Humanity now live as The Blind, ignorant to the spiritual world and its many secrets. Though they are still the most populous of the Races by far, their potential was stifled by the Veil cast over them. Humanity has a mighty legacy however, and pieces of this greatness peek through the Veil. Humanity’s technology is hardly their only accomplishment; it is through the power of their collective unconsciousness that Spirits, the eighth Race, could be created. Belief has power, if only Humanity could see it.


Humans display the greatest versatility among all the Races. There is no craft, weapon, or magical art that is beyond Humanity’s reach, though their skill pales in comparison to the experts. Their strength lies not in any one discipline, but in the collective skill of them all. Humans adapt quickly and easily to changing situations, using their diverse knowledge to gain the upper hand against the Masters of just one. Being the sole inventors of the world also gives Humanity a huge advantage, especially since many other Races are unable to use human technology, or if so, only with difficulty.

Notable Humans include:

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