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The Kitsune are one of the many Races of the world, fox divinities entrusted with nature’s keeping. The Kitsune are the stewards of nature, each one settling in a particular environment and becoming attuned to their surroundings.

In their youth, they are oft mistaken for normal foxes, but as they grow, they gain more distinguishing features. As Kitsune age, their tails split, each additional tail being a measure of their power and maturity. They begin with one, come of age at three, and become true masters at five. Those who live to gain nine tails, however, are nothing short of gods. The Kitsune were blessed with the Gift of Nature, making them a friend to all living creatures and giving them mastery over the elements. Kitsune are bound to their homelands, but flock to The Fox Glades for ceremony and celebration.


As Kitsune come of age, they gain the ability to assume a humanoid form. In this shape, however, there are many traits which give them away; their fox ears and tails cannot be concealed. In addition to this, older Kitsune manifest symbols on their fur, often in the shape of leaves or flowers. These patterns are a sign of their connection with nature, and glow when their druidic powers are invoked. Kitsune are very duty-bound, and devoted to the lands of their birth. In their youth, they are prone to mischief and mayhem, but many grow out of this. Kitsune often grow to reflect their attuned environment; some are soothing and restful like a summer glade, others violent and vengeful like an ocean tempest. No matter their temperament, however, Kitsune are fiercely protective of the natural world, and many are the tales of Kitsune bringing their wrath upon those who would despoil it.

The Change

The Sundering caused a fundamental shift in the workings of the World, including that of each of the Races. In the Mythic Era, nature’s power was undimmed, and the Kitsune’s collective power formed an impenetrable bulwark against decay. After the Sundering, however, nature’s power was broken, and the Kitsune broke with it. Nature became vulnerable to decay and pollution, and this pollution seeped into the hearts of the Kitsune bound to each area. Cut free, the Kitsune grew wild, some dying from the poison infecting the Earth, others infected with a poison of a different sort, becoming feral and filled with malice. What few Kitsune keep to their duty are not enough to stave off the decay of the earth. In rural areas, Kitsune blend in among fox populations, considered by superstitious locals to be signs of good fortune.

In Human Society

Kitsune are not often seen by Potentials due to their rarity. Few Kitsune linger in human society, bound with Nature and the places they protect. They are occasionally seen by travelers, hikers, or people who live in the countryside, where they are held as symbols of good luck. In their fox form, they are indistinguishable from normal foxes aside from the faint marks on their fur. In human form, however, they can be told apart by their unnaturally vivid green, gold, or violet eyes. While a Potential cannot perceive their fox ears or tail, there is one trait which cannot be hidden from them; while a Kitsune may wear a human face, they always cast a fox’s shadow.


Notable Kitsune include:

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