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Welcome to The World.

Here, you can learn the fundamentals of the Infinity universe.

The Divine Powers

Long ago, when the World was young, there were beings of great power who set the stage for us all to follow. Their light has dimmed from our eyes, and their work goes unnoticed by all but the most enlightened minds, but they exist, and they continue to work behind the scenes. These are the ones who started it all.

The Infinite Eight | The Firstborn | The Old Gods

The History of the World

There was a time when faerie tales were more than just stories. There was a time when the creatures of myth and fantasy freely roamed the earth, and magic was just a part of everyday life. There was a time when humanity’s eyes were open, when we knew the secrets of the arcane, and men walked with gods…

…But that was a very long time ago.

This is a story about stories; about how the stories of the past were forgotten, and how the seeds were planted in a new age for legends to be made in the future.

The Mythic Era —> The Sundering —> The Modern Era

The Spiritual Journey

As punishment for man’s hubris, the Eight created a Veil to draw over our eyes and keep us from the Truth. Though many of us are content with ignorance and mundane routine, deep within us, our hearts yearn to be free. Take a look at the steps in The Journey, from the moment we first realize our ignorance is a cage, to the moment those walls come crashing down.

Blind —> Potential —> Awakened —> Ascended

Planes of Existence

Earth, as a world, is but one of many. These are the homes of myths and gods, the gathering grounds of ancient powers, and the distant lands of haze and light we visit in our sleep. In the center of it all is the garden of the World Tree, the pinnacle of the Universe, and the secret order that keeps it all running smoothly. Come to the Planes page to take a look at the many worlds beyond our own.

The Sky Sanctuary | Heaven | Hell | Reality | The Dreaming | The Lost Grounds | Free Houses

The Children of the World

The Eight created the peoples of the World, and blessed them each with a divine Gift that would shape their purpose and their power in life. As the Veil is pulled back, we soon realize we are not alone in this world… Come to the Races page to learn of the creatures of myth and fantasy who walk beside us every day.

Construct | Kitsune | Angels | Demons | Fae | Nekomata | Humanity | Spirits

Factions in Infinity

The path to the Truth is long and hard, but you do not need to walk it alone. There is a war going on behind the scenes, unnoticed by the common man. The secret war needs its soldiers. Come to the Factions page to learn about those who will join you in the journey… and those who will bar your way.

The Sky Sanctuary | The Company | The Holy Knights | PSICOM | The Red Kingdom | Monolith Labs

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