Fate guides each of his children towards their ultimate goal; the reawakening of their spirit, the new realization of their ability to See the world as it truly is, not through the gray veil our ignorant minds force us under. We live a false existence, a half-existence, one that is incomplete and unfulfilling because we know the Truth is kept away. Yet, the answers are waiting, everywhere around you, where ever you are, if only you have the eyes to see it.

You need only ask the right questions.

Do you seek the Truth?

Do you wish to open your eyes?

- An excerpt from “The Genesis [Second Birth]”

Many things can mark a Potential, but the one they have in common is the yearning for truth. From the masses of The Blind rise a scattered few Potentials, those gifted with the power to break free from the Veil’s thrall. A Potential does not accept the lie they are given. They know to doubt the falsehood of the partial reality around them.

They know something is wrong with the world, though they cannot always explain it.

The Veil keeps the Truth hidden, but a Potential is willing to look. A true Potential does not accept a false reality. A true Potential is not content with the half-truths of ignorance.

A true Potential opens their eyes, and reaches out to the Truth.

It takes time, and training, for a Potential to realize their inner strength. Every Potential has the gift lurking within them, waiting to be made manifest. When that time comes, they wake up, and they begin a new life as an enlightened mind.

The Journey: Blind —> Potential —> Awakened —> Ascended


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