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The Paranormal Specialized Investigation Command, otherwise known as PSICOM Spirit Police, is an international movement spearheaded by the United Nations to police supernatural crime on a global level. They maintain a public image of a humanitarian relief force similar to the Red Cross (and they do, indeed, often work in conjunction with them). They are overseen by a Board of Directors, which includes the Director of each branch office, their Chief Operator, and their Head of Research.

It has taken time for there to be an Awakened population sizable enough to justify the founding of a global paranormal agency. PSICOM’s formative years were rough, and they are still a relatively young and inexperienced organization. However, their work has not gone unnoticed; Earth having its own dedicated paranormal organization on such a wide scale speaks volumes about humanity’s spiritual progress thus far. For this reason, the Sanctuary has pledged its support, and is still a valuable ally.

The PSICOM logo is an eye with a keyhole for an iris. Their most common colors are purple and black, though blue and white are also used internationally.


PSICOM works in tandem with local law enforcement and emergency services. Hospitals, police, and fire departments are expected to keep a PSICOM liaison on hand in order to report suspected paranormal activity. Although PSICOM is primarily an investigative agency and collaborates the majority of its work with local police, there are certain bureaus dedicated to more specialized work.

These specialized bureaus include that of paranormal autopsy, supernatural disaster relief, re-investigating closed cases for paranormal involvement, and the long-term medical treatment of those afflicted with supernatural wounds or conditions. There are also dedicated recruitment bureaus and training centers, which focus on scouting out Potentials and helping the newly Awakened come to terms with their new abilities.


Each branch of PSICOM is run by three administrators: the Director, who is in charge of general management and investigations; the Chief Operator, who is the senior Operator on-site and is responsible for monitoring and coordinating other intelligence assets; and the Head Researcher, who is that branch’s head of the IPD. Thusly, PSICOM’s offices are split into three subdivisions:

  • Investigators, which encompasses all Field Agents and the overall Director,
  • Operators, who are the Telepaths who coordinate field teams and archive general intelligence, and
  • Researchers, the members of the IPD (Integrated Psi-tech Development) who develop PSICOM’s equipment and research supernatural artifacts.

Several notable pieces of PSICOM equipment, including the Terminal used by Operators across the globe, were developed by the IPD. You can read more about the terminal and other Integrated Psi-tech Devices here.


PSICOM is known for being primarily staffed by Adepts. Whereas Sanctuary Agents toss around magic left and right, an Adept is a type of Awakening where one’s spiritual awareness is returned but little else. While some Potentials Awaken to a certain power, Adepts are generalists, lacking any innate ability but able to learn and adapt with greater skill than more specialized Awakened. All Adepts have some general psychic ability, and are capable of learning any type of magic they so choose, but they don’t have it right off the bat.

Adepts, while versatile, are generally weaker than their more specialized counterparts; PSICOM Agents use their equipment and their own knowledge of supernatural phenomena to even the playing field against their superhuman foes.


The Sanctuary has often worked with PSICOM in its early years in order to get it off the ground, and remains a persistent and valuable ally in PSICOM’s work. PSICOM’s vast intelligence network is supplemented by a host of informants, from ordinary supernatural citizens, freelance hunters, to even Company Agents and Old Gods.

PSICOM also works closely with the Sanctuary’s Sector VIII, lending the extraplanar investigators support in the form of much-needed manpower and equipment. Sector Captain June helped found PSICOM, and continues to aid them as a consultant. Pharos, The Prophet, has also been involved in PSICOM’s doings. Pharos assisted in the development of the IPD Terminal which would become a staple of PSICOM’s operations, and has trained many of PSICOM’s Operators personally.

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