From the World Tree came the Eight, and from the Eight, came the World. Yggdrasill spread its branches and created universe upon universe, and the Eight pooled their energies to create the great Races, each one blessed with a different Gift.

  • The Constructs, the Firstborn, held the Gift of Purpose, who fulfill their tasks at the cost of all else.
  • The Kitsune, fox spirits, held the Gift of Nature, and thus became guardians of the natural world.
  • The Angels, faithful and wise, held the Gift of Order, blessed with ageless lives and long-standing tradition.
  • The Demons, cunning and strong, held the Gift of Chaos, short lives filled with reckless excitement and danger.
  • The Fae, beautiful and proud, held the Gift of Dreams, becoming muses to entire generations of artists and poets.
  • The Nekomata, cat spirits, held the Gift of Joy, an innocent people attuned to the emotions of those around them.
  • And finally, Humanity, the youngest of the Races, and yet the one who held the most potential. They held the Gift of Invention.

It was then that the power of collective belief became known, and the psychic gestalt of all the Races created the Spirits, the creatures of myth and fantasy that, through faith, were given flesh.

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