The Mortal Plane, The Waking World

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Reality is the home plane of Humanity. Situated between Heaven and Hell, parallel to the The Dreaming, and orbited by the distant and isolated Lost Grounds, Reality is a cosmic middle ground, featuring a blending of many different Races and cultures. Humans call it, perhaps arrogantly, the real world. Supernaturals refer to it formally as The Mortal Plane, whereas Fae, recognizing their opposite, call it the Waking World. Though it is primarily the home world of Humans, its location also makes it a great crossroads of the different realms. Aside from the Races native to the realm are the many who are in transit. Some travel through Reality on business; others are smuggled in to flee their pursuers; and some are cast out of their homes and arrive here as refugees. Whatever their reasons, Reality does not turn them away, becoming a melting pot of the masses.

Unfortunately, this also means Reality is a hotbed of paranormal activity. While many supernaturals are content to blend in to human society and don’t raise much of a fuss, there are others who flaunt and abuse their power in a foreign land. Due to Reality’s human population being overwhelmingly Blind, supernaturals can get away with almost anything. The Sanctuary, though, has Agents everywhere, ready to respond to and investigate these so-called “impossible crimes”.

Many of the locations listed below are the sites of Sanctuary investigation, either through the Order itself or by their splinter groups, PSICOM or The Company. These locations persist as myths and urban legends because of their infamy; many of these stories are propagated by unwitting Potentials, immediately noticing supernatural involvement but being unable to explain why.

Places of Note in Reality:

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