Sector VI

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The Sky Sanctuary’s Sector VI Ghost Operations is a subdivision of The Sanctuary Order. In its earlier days, prior to the Sundering, the Sanctuary was an order of diplomats and ambassadors, and did not have the same role it did today. But in the years preceding the Sundering, as tensions began to rise among the different Races, it became necessary to devote a portion of the Sanctuary’s forces primarily to espionage. Thus, Sector VI became the designated Sector for the Sanctuary’s special operatives, and the Ghost Program began.

The emblem of Sector VI is derivative of the overall Sanctuary logo, with the crescent, orb, and three diamonds. The Sector VI emblem keeps the crescent and orb, but only uses the single downward diamond, stylized as a dagger with the orb as its pommel. Sector VI’s colors are black and red, with some variations, occasionally switching out red for violet or dark green.


Sector VI scouts the various other Sectors for exceptional individuals. Those who qualify are temporarily reassigned to the Sector VI Ghost Academy, located in the realm of Tenebrae, the Black Prince and lord of elemental darkness. Here in this shadowy plain, lurking with primordial phantoms and chaotic, unformed beasts, they receive their specialized training as Ghost Operatives.

At the culmination of their training, the newly minted Ghost returns to their original Sector and becomes their go-to operative for stealth and infiltration. The Ghosts are elite operatives of the Sky Sanctuary and serve as its internal police force as well as being sent on the most dangerous missions.


While Sector VI is a subdivision of the Sanctuary Order, they do not follow the same conventions as other Sectors, as Ghosts specifically exist outside of the system in order to police it. Their hierarchy is as follows:

  • The Director runs the Ghost Academy and oversees all Ghost Operations. They are given the title “Nocturne”, and have a seat on the council of The Elder Magi.
  • The Sector Captain is in charge of all field operations, and, like all other Sector Captains, reports directly to the Elder Magi.
  • Umbra are the best of the best; they are the elite operatives who have outstanding performance in the field, and typically move on to positions as instructors at the Academy.
  • Ghosts are operatives who have completed their training and are ready to be deployed into the field. Ghosts who are not on off-world duty remain on the Sanctuary and serve as its internal police force, maintaining order on-site and mediating disputes along with the Sector Captains.
  • Aspirants are Sanctuary Agents who show promise as a Ghost, and have been reassigned to the Academy to receive further special training.

Sector VI has an unsavory reputation for their shady methods, but this, too, is in the service of the greater good. Several members of Sector VI are former criminals who have learned to put their skills to better use, and, in fact, many assassins and former hired guns have been recruited by the Sanctuary and put through the Ghost Academy as a form of parole.

The Company

The Company is a branch of Sector VI that operates primarily on Earth. This guild of assassins and mercenaries, though seeming at first glance to be just another gang of criminals, is really a cover operation for Sector VI. The Company forms the basis of the Sanctuary’s intelligence network on Earth. Many of the Company’s higher executives are, in reality, Sanctuary Ghosts, using this front as a means of monitoring the criminal underworld.

As only the upper echelons of the Company are under Sanctuary control, it has its own structure and hierarchy. These hired guns take pride in their work. You can come in as an entry-level thief or hitman, but The Company is staffed by professionals, and professionals have to have standards. Become a master of stealth and knife-work and you might get the prestigious title of Phantom. If your skills are with guns, on the other hand, master marksmen become known as Eagles.

While ordinary crime is the domain of ordinary police, extraordinary crime is the domain of extraordinary police. The Company is Sector VI’s way of observing the underworld for supernatural influences, and rallying the appropriate responses. For this reason, you will often see Company shadows working as intelligence agents for PSICOM… for a price, of course.

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Sector VI

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