The Blind

“You’d be surprised what people are willing to ignore.” – Sanctuary Agent Amani, Sector VIII

The great cataclysm of The Sundering ended with the punishment of Mankind. Due to their arrogance, and their abuse of the Gift of Invention, they would be punished. Their Empires were destroyed and their knowledge was shattered, but the greatest punishment dealt to Mankind was the Veil created to Blind them from the Truth.

With this Veil in place, the souls of Man entered a deep slumber. Many secrets were lost to them, then; the arts of magic, the greatest of their inventions, all these things were lost as Mankind’s spirit embraced ignorance and their triumphs were suffocated in the fog.

Legend became myth, and myth faded to rumor. The greatest splendors of The Mythic Era were now wisps of forgotten dreams. Mankind also became Blind to their peers; the supernatural Races of the world faded into obscurity, now the stuff of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

The Blind are kept from the Truth because they are not ready for it. There are things about the World that remain hidden from them, and for good reason. Being blind to the wonders of the supernatural also means being blind to the horrors of the Void, blind to black sorcery and the evils that threaten reality every moment of every day. For those who are not willing to See, they continue their lives in blissful ignorance of the secret war being fought around them.

The Blind cannot perceive the supernatural. The Veil will not permit it. When they see magic or things deemed “impossible”, their mind latches on to the nearest explanation. The brain struggles to cling to a mundane reality, protecting them from secrets they would rather not know. There are limits to this, however. The greater the scope of paranormal activity, the less an ignorant mind is likely to explain away. For most, the Blind are content to sleepwalk through the boring routine of their everyday lives. For those who sleep restlessly, however, for those who stir and wonder at the things that go unexplained around them…

For those who cannot accept the lie, the Potential awaits within.

The Journey: Blind —> Potential —> Awakened —> Ascended

The Blind

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