The Dreaming

The Land of Haze, Reality’s Reflection

Dreaming edit

Parallel to the realm of humanity is The Dreaming, realm of the Fae. It is a land of chaos and illusion, where colored lights dance in the fog. The Dreaming is the shadow cast by Reality, though the Fae will no doubt insist it’s the other way around. Here, Titania, Queen of the Fae, keeps her kingdom, managing the Elven Nobles and the more free-spirited commoners, the Pixies. Though the realm is home to the Fae, they receive visitors all the time- though the visitors themselves may not realize. Countless dreamers wander the mists, each one encased in their own dreamscape, their own bubble of illusion. Lucid dreamers break free of these restraints and can wander The Dreaming freely, at their own peril. Some of the Dreaming’s inhabitants just want to have fun; others have deals that want to be made; and yet others have far more wicked schemes in store.

Places of Note in the Dreaming:

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The Dreaming

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