The Firstborn

Three were created as Servants of the Eight, three ideals given flesh and form. The Firstborn oversaw the World’s formative years, and as the worlds prospered and the Races multiplied, The Sanctuary Order was formed. The Firstborn took their places as the heads of this prestigious organization, alongside the Masters of the different schools of magic and the other Administrators of the Sanctuary. Together, they were known as The Elder Magi.

The three Firstborn are:

Chapel, The Keeper, responsible for archiving and preserving knowledge in all its forms;
Aurelia, The Apostle, who is the Voice of the Eight and guides the Sanctuary with their will;
and Pharos, The Prophet, harbinger of disaster and guardian of the True History.

There was a fourth, also, who once held status among the Three. His name was Sanaki, The Oracle, but he was dishonored and banished for his crimes. In his disgrace, he was stripped of his title, and henceforth became known as The Exile.

The Firstborn are often given the last name “Astralim”, which is less of a last name and more of a title. It is derived from the Sacred Tongue, the first language that we all spoke before The Sundering split one tongue into many. It literally means “star child”, but translates to “paragon”.

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The Firstborn

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