The Infinite Eight

The Infinite Eight are the universal constants. They are the roots of the World Tree, and the multitude of the World Tree’s branches are the many potential worlds. In the Sanctuary, in the center of all worlds, lie the Eight. Their Avatars walk the many worlds, but these forms are but ripples, reflections in a pond. Every Avatar is a reflection of the Infinite in the center.

For they are the eternal concepts, present in every incarnation of the World. They are the constants across every cycle of the World, for even the World lives, dies, and is reborn along with everything else. When this era of the World comes to an end, the Eight will still exist, and will be there to create the World again in their grand retelling.

They are the fundamental truths; the cornerstones of the World.

When the World Tree first sprang into being, the Eight were born of it. As Yggdrasill’s branches unfurled and the many worlds were created, the Eight populated these worlds with the various Races of the world; Angels, Demons, Spirits, Fae, and Man, the youngest of them all.

But before the Races were created, Three were made to manage them.

Thus, The Firstborn came to be. And as the Worlds began their earliest years, the Order of The Sky Sanctuary was made to defend them, with the Firstborn spearheading this most noble cause.

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The Infinite Eight

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