The Lost Grounds

The Forgotten Places, The Timeless Lands

Lost grounds edit

There exist several small, pocket dimensions separate from Reality, cut off and set in orbit around the other planes. These places, adrift in the space between the worlds, are the Lost Grounds. Some of these places are the private dwellings of The Eight, islands in space-time that have been isolated for their own privacy. Others are deliberately sealed off from the outside world, cosmic quarantine zones created to imprison the horrors within. A few of these are part of a network known as the Free Houses, transdimensional safe havens and designated neutral ground. Still others have unknown purposes, and inspire great awe and mystery in the few who chance to look upon them. Why are they here? What were they used for? Perhaps they filled a purpose long ago for which they have now been abandoned; or perhaps they were created long ago in preparation for some grand event that hasn’t yet come to pass. Whatever the reasons, the Lost Grounds are the sacred and hidden places of creation, the greatest of the World’s mysteries.

Notable Lost Grounds include:

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The Lost Grounds

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