The Modern Era

In the wake of The Sundering, the World was irrevocably changed.

Mankind’s war had devastated the Races of the World. Mankind was already the most populous of the Races, and this War had taken a heavy toll upon all. Many of the Races abandoned Earth, leaving the scorched, scarred wastelands to be the dominion of the Blind. Every Race returned to their safe havens. For once, Mankind was alone.

This is the beginning of our recorded history, where Mankind began to rebuild after The Sundering.

The Eight punished Mankind for its arrogance, Blinding them with the Veil of ignorance and apathy. They had seen the dangers of enlightened minds running rampant. Now, the process of Awakening would be far more selective. For, in the midst of the ignorant masses, there were yet those with the Potential. These few, these blessed few who held on to scraps of the Truth, would become the seers and prophets of a new Age.

Fast forward to modern times. Humanity has largely recovered from the technological losses of The Sundering. Though some things have been lost forever, many more have been found, and they once again rise in power.

The Eight, disillusioned by such flagrant abuse of their Gifts, stepped back from the World. Where once they would walk the Earth freely, they have broken away from the World, taking up residence in the Lost Grounds. Though their power is undimmed- for the power of the Eight does not wax and wane- the Eight themselves slipped into obscurity, known only to their Servants within the Order.

The Races have separated. What few supernaturals remain integrated in human society go largely unnoticed by the ignorant crowds. The Sundering, though by now millennia past, still lies fresh in older minds. Some grudges go deep…

We live, now, in a society where the Myths are all but forgotten, true magic is ridiculed as cheap parlor tricks, and the Old Gods dwindle in power. The Veil is strong, and holds many in its grip. Yet hope still remains. Scattered among the populace, few at first, yet more and more with every passing year, are Potentials who are realizing what their ancestors have lost, and are Awakening to a world they had left behind..

The cities are filled with sleeping souls, waiting to wake up.

The Truth has been hidden, but it is not lost.

Do you seek the Truth?

Do you wish to open your eyes?

The Modern Era

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