The Mythic Era

Long ago, when the World was young, the many Races of the World lived in harmony and the world, and its myths, prospered. Mankind practiced magic freely, and coexisted with the other Races. The World was beautiful then, at the very peak of its power, and the Eight themselves walked the Earth without any fear. Society was fully integrated, each Race’s differences praised as a strength.

And, for a time, it was good.

But as nations began to rise and power began to consolidate, new tensions arose. The other Races grew envious of Mankind’s technology, and Man himself grew proud…

The Agents of the Sky Sanctuary, acting as diplomats and dignitaries to these great nations, soon found themselves struggling to contain this conflict. Everywhere, the peace was becoming ever more fragile. Soon enough, cities became segregated, the Races drew their members to each other, and the integrated society collapsed. Retreating into their fortresses, safe behind their walls, the nations began the preparations for a great war that would prove the supremacy of the Race left standing.

Mankind’s great Empires amassed great fleets of warships, dominating land, sea, and air. They stockpiled their weapons and were ready to wage their war- the greatest war, the last war, the one that would end the Earth and have them reigning supreme.

This war would be the catalyst of a great schism between Mankind and their Creators, in the greatest tragedy of a forgotten era. This war, along with the calamity that followed, would live in infamy as The Sundering.

The History of the World: The Mythic Era —> The Sundering —> The Modern Era

The Mythic Era

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