The Old Gods

Why do we believe in gods? Why do we foster their stories? Why do we work in their names?

Ever since humanity’s dawning days, we have placed our trust in gods. We have asked them for guidance and blessing; we have sought to appease them, and we have sought to understand them. We have created their tales and myths and have passed down these stories from generation to generation. More than anything else, the belief in the old gods is humanity’s greatest legacy, and for our children, their grandest inheritance. For in the World, belief has power.

All Spirits begin in The Dreaming, for Dream’s domain is that of stories, ideas, and mythic patterns, and it is within his realm that myths are born. But though they begin there, they do not have to stay there forever. Some stories are told with such conviction, some myths are believed in so passionately, that they grow powerful enough to leave the realm of Dreams and walk among the Real.

Long ago, when the World was young, and innocent, Spirits walked freely among those whose minds they sprang out of, and The Old Gods lived among their believers, inspiring them, guiding them, and giving them legends to pass down to their children.

But then came The Sundering, and everything changed.

The Sundering dealt the Old Gods a serious, grave blow. With so many of their believers no longer able to see them, they were forced out of the Real and back into Dreams. No longer able to gain power from direct influence, they had to subsist on prayer and raw belief. Many faded into obscurity. Others faded into nothing at all. But though they were stricken from the land, their stories live on, and a spirit never truly dies until it is forgotten.

There are many, in the Modern Era, who would insist that the old gods are dead.

But there are a few who never stopped believing, who still bless the names of the ancient divinities and keep them alive with the prayers in their hearts. They are few now, but as humanity approaches its Reawakening, that number is growing.

For those who can see them, for those who are inspired by them, for those who walk beside them, and for those who still believe…

The Old Gods are still very much alive.

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The Old Gods

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