The Sanctuary Order

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Do you seek the Truth?

The Agents of the Sky Sanctuary, otherwise known as The Sanctuary Order, are an ancient order of diplomats and peacekeepers that have existed ever since the dawning of the world. It was here that the World Tree first took root, and it was here that the Eight appointed the very first Agents of the Order, those who would be their stewards and keepers of the world.

The Firstborn founded the Sanctuary Order, and were the ones to lay the foundation for its members in the future. The Firstborn all have a seat as part of The Elder Magi, so they are at least nominally administrators of the Order, but they naturally shun the spotlight, preferring a more advisory role.

The emblem of the Sky Sanctuary is a crescent cradling an orb, with three diamonds jutting out like rays of sunlight, representing both the trinity of body, mind, and spirit, but also differing ideals coming together as one. This emblem is universally recognized at a fundamental, subconscious level. Those who bear the mark, though secrets and shadows, still draw respect and trust from those who see it. The Sanctuary’s colors are purple and white.


The Sky Sanctuary is entrusted with the defense of the World at large. Their work takes them across all planes of existence. They are the secret police of all Creation; they work from the shadows, subtly influencing history and protecting the common man from things beyond his ken. Prior to The Sundering, the Sanctuary was considered the pinnacle of civilization, a melting pot of merchants and diplomats and scholars from all walks of life. Though the Sanctuary by far has the greatest integrated population, its role as a social center has diminished, leaving it primarily as a headquarters for the Agents of the secret war.


The Sky Sanctuary is run by a council of fifteen known as the Elder Magi. From there, the organization splits off into the various Sectors, which are organized according to skillset and deployment location. Here is an overview of the Sanctuary’s hierarchy:

  • The Elder Magi are the leaders and administrators of the organization as a whole. The council has fifteen members, which always includes the three Firstborn. For more information on who sits on the council, click here.
  • Sector Captains are the heads of each Sector and report directly to the Elder Magi. Several Sectors, due to size, have multiple Captains. Helping in the management, though, are the:
  • Sages, senior members who serve as mentors to the newer initiates. An Agent is promoted to Sage status once they complete training an Apprentice.
  • Agents are the rank and file of the Sky Sanctuary. Field agents are assigned ranks based on their skill and independence, and only higher ranking Agents may take on Apprentices.
  • Apprentices are Initiates who are ready to receive off-world training. They are typically assigned their mentors (known as Guides) by their Captains, although some agents are known to hand-pick their apprentices.
  • Initiates are those who have only recently joined the Sanctuary. Their initial training is overseen by the Elder Magi. Once they have progressed far enough, they are assigned to a Sector, and from there, their Apprenticeship begins.

Existing outside of this system are the Ghosts, special operatives hand-picked from the ranks of the various Sectors to receive special training as infiltrators. Once their training is complete, Ghosts are assigned to the general investigation Sectors to handle espionage work. One Sector, in particular, is in charge of the Academy and Ghost Operations in general; that would be Sector VI.

The Pure Mantle

Every initiate who joins the Sanctuary receives a cloak of purest white, along with a pin in the shape of the Sanctuary emblem. This cloak, blessed in the sacred waters of the Wellspring, becomes the Sanctuary Agent’s most prized possession. The blessing imparts several enchantments to the cloak, granting it outstanding resistances to elemental magics and psionic effects while worn. The cloak also softens the user’s footsteps and wind resistance, allowing them to move near-soundlessly.

The cloak is also enchanted with three abilities unique to Sanctuary Agents:

  • Ghost Shroud, which supernaturally stealths the Agent and shrouds them in anonymity, making them as unnoticeable as a passing breeze,
  • Shooting Star, a tether to the Sanctuary that allows an Agent to teleport back to the Sanctuary at a moment’s notice, and
  • Moment of Clarity, a power that taps into its user’s full potential in a moment of dire need.

Every member of the Sanctuary must wear their Pure Mantle when off-world, as, in addition to boosting their magical resistance and its many other benefits, it is also their primary means of returning home. The Pure Mantle may be modified and worn in different ways as the Agent so chooses; all one requires is the Sanctuary emblem and a strip of cloth to use the innate abilities listed above. Though typically worn as a hooded cloak or robe for maximum protection, the Pure Mantle is often stripped down to a shorter cloak, scarf, or sash. Even a strip of the Pure Mantle as small as a handkerchief can invoke the power of Shooting Star, but obviously, this is not recommended. The Pure Mantle must be worn as the full heavy cloak to receive its full benefits, but this is ultimately left to the Agent’s preference.


The influence of the Sky Sanctuary is felt far and wide. Many of the other factions that exist on a cosmic level function as branches of the Sanctuary. This includes the extraplanar operations of the Ghosts, as well as that of the Holy Knights, although both these sectors are based separately from the Sanctuary. Sector VI, though managed from the Sanctuary mainland, runs the Ghost Academy in the Unformed Lands, within Tenebrae’s realm of elemental darkness. Sector IV, meanwhile, makes their headquarters in Heaven’s Gate.

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The Sanctuary Order

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