The Sky Sanctuary

The Crossroads of The World

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This is the Sanctuary’s location page. For more on the Sanctuary as an organization, visit their Faction page here.

Drifting in the clouds and star fields between the worlds is a cluster of islands, home to the World Tree and the Order sworn to protect it. These islands are dotted with temples and towers, each structure made with a blending of the world’s architectural styles, creating an altogether ageless appearance. On the central isle lies The Astral Cathedral, the centerpiece of the grounds. Beside it are a pair of towers, The Watchtower and The Archives, twin spires that flank the grand cathedral. The Sanctuary is as beautiful and whimsical as it is absurd, with buildings built into mountains, villages on wooden platforms suspended between mighty trees, and unending waterfalls spilling off the isles and disappearing into the void below. The Sanctuary is the home plane of The Firstborn, taking their place among the Elder Magi as the leaders and administrators of the Order.

The Sanctuary’s very existence is a paradox, being the birthplace of every reality while also cradling them in its embrace. In The Mythic Era, this place was the pinnacle of civilized society, the gathering ground of the world’s leaders and the crossroads of all creation. Diplomats, ambassadors, craftsman, and scholars from all walks of life gathered here in the single greatest integrated society the World has ever known.

But after The Sundering, everything changed.

With the World reeling from the mankind’s war upon the races, the Divine Powers saw that words could not solve everything. The situation can and will arise when more direct measures may become necessary. Thus, with a heavy heart, the Order of the Sky Sanctuary set aside the path of diplomacy, and began their transformation into what they are today; the soldiers in the secret war to keep the World safe, and to guide it down the path of the True History.

The Sundering soured the relations between the many Races, and the aftershocks of the great war would still be felt, long into the Modern Era. But here, the unity of those forgotten years is preserved. Though their motives and methods have decayed, their ideals stand strong. Scholars, monks, diplomats, and assassins… though the paths differ, it was here that they converge. The Agents of the Sky Sanctuary are still hard at work. Those who get to walk the Sanctuary grounds and bear witness to its inhabitants are given a glimpse into an era long past; the Sky Sanctuary is a monument to a lost age, the epitaph to a time where we all walked hand-in-hand.

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The Sky Sanctuary

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