The Sundering

The Eight tried to hold on to their vision of paradise for as long as possible. Acting through their servants, the Agents of the Sanctuary, the Eight tried to maintain peace, maintain order. They tried to stifle the thoughts of revolution and war, they tried to appease the people, still the senses of envy, pride, greed, and wrath that were slowly coming to a breaking point. But every Race seemed to find a quarrel with Man.

Mankind was the most populous of the Races. Though physically weak, they used their Gift of Invention to overcome their shortcomings. However, in their arrogance, they twisted this Gift to create weapons of war far more powerful than anything the other Races had ever seen. Fear and tension arose, and the integrated societies, once harmonic and peaceful, slowly began to collapse.

The Sanctuary was unable to stop the bloodbath that ensued. The floodgates had already been opened, and the horrors of war were already unleashed. The war lasted for decades. Every time there was a lull in the action, at every fleeting chance of peace, reason gave way to stubborn arrogance and the violence continued.

As the Agents of the Sanctuary began to despair at their failure, the Eight looked upon the scarred world and knew: they could no longer do nothing. They could no longer sit idly by while their children were at each others’ throats.

As much as it pained them to admit…

…Peaceful days were over.

And so, the Eight pooled their energies together, and, in order to stop the war, summoned forth a catastrophe. The war was the single greatest war to ever shake Reality, but it’s tragedy was eclipsed by the cataclysm that would follow. The Sundering was a great turning point in the world, a fundamental change to the World itself, the effects of which rippled outward and spread throughout all things.

Mankind was punished for the abuse of their Gift and the suffering they wrought upon their fellow creatures. Their Tragedy was manifold. The Eight created a Veil and cast it over the eyes of Man. Blind to the Truth, the power of magic was lost to them, and the old alliances died that day. Their Technology was destroyed, and Mankind found itself in a new dark age.

The miracles of technology were now lost to them. Magic faded from their minds. The souls of Man fell into a deep, dark slumber, and in their ignorance, they were left there, blind, deaf, and dumb, wallowing in the mud. Their civilization was cast down beside them, and they were forced to begin anew. Thus, The Mythic Era faded into legend and rumor, the achievements of Man stricken from history. The glories of that age live on as the Forgotten Years, spoken of wistfully by old gods, and remembered in the dusty pages of abandoned tomes.

The Age of Myths was over. A new Era had begun.

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The Sundering

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