The World

This is the disambiguation page for our use of the term “The World”, in order to clear up some confusion.

It is our tendency to refer to Earth as “the world”, but Earth is hardly the only planet in the Infinity-verse.

In our terminology, we will refer to the planet Earth as Earth. There are other planets populated by the Races of the World, such as Sarad or Jahari, and these planets will be referred to by their names.

These planets exist in Reality, which is a plane. A plane is a dimension, and Reality is but one of many. Other planes include Reality’s reflection, The Dreaming, the two mirror planes sandwiched by Heaven and Hell. A plane may alternatively be referred to as a realm. When using the lower-case “the world”, that is referring to a plane as a whole (in this context, it is usually referring to Reality).

The World, capital “W”, however, refers to the collective planes gathered around the World Tree. In this context The World can also be referred to as The Universe, Existence, or Creation.

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The World

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