Free Houses

Though we have but little, what we have, we have to share.

Scattered among the vast plains of Creation are the Free Houses, inns, taverns, and temples that serve as safe haven for the extraplanar traveler. Some are maintained through old gods of hearth and home; others, through the generosity and kindness of a single enlightened soul; even some by the power of the Eight themselves. While the movement of the cosmos has shifted around them, the Free Houses have remained, remnants of a forgotten era when hospitality was sacred.

Though considered by some to be an old tradition, in the World, belief has power. Hospitality was more than just tradition, it was a law, deeply ingrained in the collective unconscious. The guest must not harm their host, and the host must care for their guest. Those who make use of the Free Houses are bound to this unspoken pact. No matter who you are, no matter your reasons for being here, here you are a guest, and as a guest, you are safe. But to enjoy the protection of the Free Houses, you must abide by the rules of your host, for you take shelter in their domain, where their word is law.

The Free Houses are protected by an ancient power that is not altogether understood. Some consider them to be Lost Grounds due to their unusual properties, but, as they are freely frequented by any dimensional traveler worth their salt, they are merely places of interest and not the cosmic enigmas that are the Lost Grounds.

Notable Free Houses are:

Free Houses

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