Heaven's Gate

On the far edge of Heaven, where the sky meets the stars, there is a city of alabaster stone floating amid bronze clouds. Islands drift through the sky, bridged by gargantuan chains tha rustle and groan in the ethereal wind. Rays of iridescent light form shimmering stairways, a maze of crystalline winding through this city built on a mountainside. This city is known as Heaven’s Gate.

Heaven’s Gate, like its namesake, is defined by boundaries. The sprawling alabaster metropolis lies entirely within the shadow cast by Heaven’s massive walls. Here, it is only ever the twinkling light of dawn, compared to the radiance of the rest of Heaven. Unlike Heaven’s pure, gleaming aesthetic, Heaven’s Gate alone looks worn and traveled. The perpetual dawn casts the city in a warm, welcoming bronze light.

Heaven’s Gate marks the threshold of the ascent into Heaven. The sides of this mountain, lying in the shadow of the walls, are the furthest a non-Angel may safely proceed. Any further, and the radiant light of Heaven is too much for non-Angels to bear. A non-Angel may cross the threshold and wander Heaven for a limited time before needing to turn back, whereas a Demon can only enter while under an Angel’s explicit protection.

That being said, Heaven’s Gate is also an extraplanar communications hub, as many supernatural travelers pass along the outskirts of heaven. Heaven’s Gate is home to several bazaars and Free Houses, and is designated neutral ground. A wide area of the city is blocked off and is used as the base of operations for the Holy Knights, who not only police the city but also scout out the city for recruits. Lesser Angels who don’t emigrate to the other Planes tend to live in Heaven’s Gate, as Angel society grows more xenophobic and exclusive the higher you get up the mountain.

Places of Note in Heaven:

Heaven's Gate

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