There are many different planes of existence. The World is layered, one realm superimposed over the other, though our ignorant eyes can only see what’s on the surface. As we progress in the spiritual journey, we open our eyes to the truth that’s lurking beneath the surface- that we are not alone, and that there are many worlds beyond our own.

This page will offer an overview of each of these distant lands and far-off kingdoms. Click on the name of each plane to visit their main page, and learn about them in more detail.

  • Heaven, The Celestial Plane, home of the Angels, shines in the skies above Reality.
  • Reality, The Waking World, is home to Humanity, but is also the melting pot of the World.
  • The Dreaming, home of the Fae, exists parallel to Reality, our shadow and reflection.
  • Hell, The Infernal Plane, home of the Demons, lurks beneath the twin planes of Reality and The Dreaming.
  • The Sky Sanctuary is in the center of all Creation, fitting for the crossroads of the World.

Finally, we have the distant, hidden lands on far-flung orbits. Some of these are the safe houses for dimensional travelers, the Free Houses where hospitality is still sacred. Others are the Lost Grounds, strange, secret realms that defy the laws of Creation.

The World is filled with all sorts of wondrous places. Where will your Journey take you?

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