The Journey

There was a time when faerie tales were more than just stories. There was a time when the creatures of myth and fantasy freely roamed the earth, and magic was just a part of everyday life. There was a time when humanity’s eyes were open, when we knew the secrets of the arcane, and men walked with gods…

…But that was a very long time ago.

With The Sundering came mankind’s punishment for their hubris: a Veil, drawn over their eyes to keep them from the Truth. Even now, in the Modern Era, the vast majority of humanity still goes through their lives oblivious to the spiritual world around them.

Of the many Races, Humanity was special. They lacked the innate powers and gifts of their brethren; but they were gifted with a talented mind, a mind for invention and innovation… a way to transform their ingenuity and diligence into tools that made up for their shortcomings.

Humanity had great potential, arguably the greatest potential of all the world’s races. Though we began the weakest, we may yet become the strongest… but at the peak of our strength, we abused our power and were cast into darkness and doubt.

We begin our journey Blind to the world around us, ignorant and unwitting.

But for those with inquisitive minds who cannot accept the lie, the Potential begins to stir.

When the Truth can be hidden no longer, we wake up to the World…

…Until at last we are truly enlightened, we ascend, and we are free.

This is the Journey we all must walk. It is our tragedy, and our triumph. Though we may shroud ourselves in ignorance, our souls yearn to be free. The Truth wants to be found. Though we may spend our days sleepwalking through life, there is a greatness within us that is waiting to be discovered. We were meant for greater things. We were meant to wake up.

Awaken your true self, and leave your mark upon the page.

Join us in the journey, and search for the true you.

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The Journey

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